Fundacja Kerstenów

Fundacja Kerstenów

Silva rerum

Fundacja Kerstenów została założona w 2011 roku, aby uczcić i upamiętnić życie oraz dokonania Krystyny i Adama Kerstenów.

Nieoczekiwane komentarze — Unexpected comments


I was recently sitting with a friend of mine, Mark Drumbl in Nuremberg after giving a talk at the 70th anniversary of the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals. I have always looked up to Mark's scholarship and intellect. He has written a number of fantastic books in my field, including the leading work, in my view, on child soldiers.

We were having a few drinks and Mark was talking about a paper he had presented to staff at the International Criminal Court, entitled 'Stepping Beyond Nuremberg’s Halo: The Legacy of the Supreme National Tribunal of Poland. I told him that I happened to be Polish and he said, "that's interesting because I quoted this historian a lot in the paper, Krystyna Kersten..."

I told Mark she was my grandmother and it seemed he really couldn't believe it. I told him it was true and that she had been seen as one of the top Polish historians of the 20th century and that I had dedicated some of my own work to her. Mark recounted how he had presented a draft of the paper in the US and how people at the time told him he simply had to read and incorporate some of Krystyna's work. He read Krystyna's book on establishing communism front to back, loved it, and both quoted and cited it in his latest article. Now, with the paper just published recently, Krystyna's work is part of the general field of international justice I work on. A lovely, sweet, rewarding and unpredictable moment where international criminal justice was essentially born.

Marek (Mark) Kersten
Nov. 26, 2015.