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The Kersten's Foundation was established in 2011 with the aim of celebrating and commemorating the life and work of Krystyna and Adam Kersten.


The foundation was created to promote humanitarian and democratic values, to promote the principles of openness, fairness, respect for others, respect for truth. The foundation seeks to support research initiatives which deepen humanitarian and scientific, educational and cultural, findings, popularizing the ideals cultivated by Krystyna and Adam Kersten.

About this website

We are asking authors of articles and photos for their agreement to include their work on the Foundation's site. Please note that his is a work in progress and parts of the site is temporarily unavailable; occassionally you may be redirected to the Polish version of this site.

First years

In the first years of its existence, the Foundation intends to focus on awarding scholarships to students and doctoral students undertaking research in the humanities and social sciences. Two doctoral stipends were awarded in 2012.
     We also plan to organize and disseminate information about Krystyna and Adam Kersten, their work and their achievements.
     The first translations of Krystyna and Adam's works are now available:


If you can help us in gathering information which will help to deepen the knowledge of Krystyna and Adam, whether it be their personal life or their scientific work and teaching, please do not hesitate to contact us contact us.

G. Kersten, Fundator